Our published books embody the trust of our authors, delivering compelling stories and unforgettable characters.

Take a Thought Wholesome and Good by Larry Troxel

Wholesome & Good

Jean Lagace

City of the Fallen by Robert Slaughter

City of the Fallen

Robert Slaughter

The Manuscript by Jean Lagace

The Manuscript

Jean Lagace

The Mysteries of the Cottage in the Woods by Pamela Jones

The Mysteries of the Cottage In the Wood

Jean Lagace

Dragon Time by John Doyal

Dragon Time

John Doyal

Does This Make You a Bully? by Julian Van Dyke

Does This Make You a Bully?

Julian Van Dyke

Unspoken Love - An Orphan's Journey by Jack Mccabe

Unspoken Love

Jack McCabe

Becoming As God Intended Revised by Bruce Metzger

Becoming As God Intended

Bruce Metzger

Rosalinda Pride of Mexico by Jesse Moreno

Rosalinda Pride of Mexico

Jesse Moreno

Delayed Departure by Tall Paul

Delayed Departure

Tall Paul

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