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Publishing Solutions

TelePub LLC has operated for more than 5 years as a leading endorsement agency for authors who wish to be published. Throughout our years of dedication to our authors, TelePub LLC has created connections and opportunities for our handled authors. From our Implementation Team to our Production Team, TelePub LLC has devoted its years in this industry to provide the best service for our partner authors.


We welcome aspiring authors to publish their books with us. TelePub LLC provides honest reviews in making sure that your book is as perfect as possible before hitting the printers and be distributed all across the globe.


In with the new, out with the old - your old version of your book will be improved from cover to cover. We provide your creation with a new ISBN and a new platform to increase its visibility and therefore increase its readership rating across the globe.

Publication in All Formats

Books are not limited to its printed version. In line with the developments in this industry, TelePub LLC also creates audiobooks and E-book formats for any manuscript. This ensures us that your book is readily available to all type of readers.


TelePub LLC has made partnerships in this industry. For us to ensure the success of any author, we endorse your book to different institutions and organization for you to achieve return of investment. From a possible acquisition by a traditional publisher to other potential investors for your book, TelePub LLC creates a significant number of options for you and your book.

Book to Hollywood

Turning page after page of your book into a movie or a television show is one of our specialty. From our field agents to our screenplay writers, TelePub LLC has made sure that these people working for your book are certified and regularly evaluated.

Events and Forums

As normal activities resumed after the pandemic, events and forums for authors are now slowly back to operations. Book Fairs, exhibits, and forums helps you boost your brand for your book and yourself. If you wish to know more for upcoming events, contact us and we will find time to schedule you for the nearest event suited for your needs.

Online Presence

Digital and content marketing has ramped up since the dawn of the pandemic. Physical buyers turned to online buyers and word of mouth turned to online reviews and ratings. As a frontrunner in this industry, we make sure that your online presence will be boosted through our marketing team and solutions readily available for your. From targeted press releases to blog tours, just tell us what your goals are and we are ready to present these individualized content and digital marketing solutions for you.

Business Solutions

TelePub LLC has recently opened its doors to provide business-improving solutions. From recruitment support and masterclass training to customer support, we offer the most cost efficient services for businesses to grow. We strive hard and invest in the right people to ensure success for our partnerships. Rest assured, we take care of your business just like its our own.

Hire a Virtual Assistant!

Our recruitment team has a massive pool of manpower and we know that we got the right person suited to help you with your business. From an online secretary and entry-level executives to the most specialized experts, we are sure that your business will be taken care of.

Corporate Trainings

Our team of trainers who are certified in Lean Six Sigma and certified Instructional Designers are ready to share their skills to any organization. From organizational development, culture and communications training to technical training, our Training Department is opening its doors to mold other corporations.

Ready To Start a Project?

As eager as we are to start a project, we would like to hear your needs, pain points, and goals. This way, we can create a timeline and a roadmap to ensure your success.