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Why Every Author Must Have an Author’s Website

Have you ever heard the word “branding”? Most of us did, but a few of us know that writers also need branding in 2022. What can be a good idea for a writer to build a brand for his writing? You cannot rely on the publishers these days when social media and the influencer market surround us all, so the only feasible solution is a website. In this article, we will share the reasons for having a website when you are an aspiring author.

Significance of website for every author

Writing is a charm. It is certainly an expression of the writer’s personality. Helping the reader get a piece of the writer’s mind and soul. The bond between a reader and a writer is like communication via love letters between two lovers. The wait for each interlude has peculiar feelings in it. Each word of the message is like a beat of the heart. Don’t let anxious people wait for long, as communication is rapid and easy nowadays. A click is enough to deliver
your message to the masses. The masses are eagerly waiting to hear from your end. You are a writer. You amuse a kid, inform a person, teach a group, and nourish a generation. You need to be updated with the swaps in the world. Keep the same words, and use contemporary modes. Make a website for your words, thoughts, mass recognition and concisely for your authorism.
Here are some primary benefits of using a website for your book launch or E-Editions sales.

You become more discoverable.

In marketing, the discovery comes first. People might come across a blog post you made on a theme that grabs their attention. Perhaps a friend posts something online. They could have seen your advertisements. Regardless of how they came across you, they either visit your website to find out more about you and what you have to offer, or they go out and purchase your book directly from a seller. You can succeed on any route in terms of sales and following.

Sell directly and at a profit.

If you have a website with e-commerce facilities, you may sell your novels and short stories straight to customers in paperback or E-book format.

Great for marketing and promotion passive earning

Having your own website can use numerous tools like google ads to advertise and promote your books and stories. Additionally, people might follow you on social media, so be sure to add them to your email list.

Builds your identity; creates a brand.

Create a website for yourself as an author to help you establish your reputation and flourish as a writer. Your blog or article will establish you as a respected author in the community. Having an author website enables you to establish yourself as a respected writer in society.

Entices more visitors; you are accessible.

An author’s website will aid your potential to establish a significant online presence on social media. You can enjoy reader engagement if you access your author’s website. You can develop as a community if your articles and postings are worthwhile and well-received.

Our web design service for authors.

You just desire of a website for yourself. We are ready to do it for you. Our professionals are here to assist you in going global by making an author website for you. The items we provide on your website are the following but not limited to:

● Author’s Biography
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● Contact details
● Traffic tracking system access
● Search engine optimization
● Traffic source keywords, and many more.

Our relationship with you and your relationship with the potential audience is just one click away. Get a Quote now or feel free to Contact Us.

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